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Diese Veranstaltung ist ausverkauft!  

Do, 11.10.2018

Einlass: 18:00 h Beginn: 19:00 h  

Anti Flag

Special Guest



Cancer Bats



Wien, Flex
*** Die Show ist ausverkauft! Danke an alle Fans und viel Spa▀! ***

Die Polit-Punk Band rund um Justin Sane und Pat Thetic kommt mit ihrem aktuellem Album "American Fall" und mit Cancer Bats Cancer Bats
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und Worriers Worriers
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als Support im Herbst live nach Wien. Als absoluter Kracher mit dabei sind nun auch die genialen Silverstein Silverstein
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. Das wird ein Abend!

Hier der offizielle Press Release.

Pittsburgh political punk band Anti-Flag Anti-Flag
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have just announced a UK/Euro tour this fall with Silverstein Silverstein
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, Cancer Bats Cancer Bats
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, and Worriers Worriers
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. The band has also announced two ANTIfest indoor festival shows. ANTIfest is the band's own festival they have hosted in various locations in Europe, UK, and the U.S. since 2012. Lineups and other information for the fest can be found below. In conjunction with their tour announcement, Anti-Flag Anti-Flag
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have released a music video for "Trouble Follows Me." The video was directed Alexey Makhov and filmed in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, during the band's current European summer tour. The song comes off of their 2017 album American Fall, available now via Spinefarm Records. A quote from Anti-Flag Anti-Flag
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on the tour can be found below.

Watch Anti-Flag's video for "Trouble Follows Me" now.


"Anti-Flag have always seen punk rock as a vehicle for change; community leads to recognizing commonality, which leads to a recognization of our collective power, which leads to us knowing we have the power to create the future we want to see.

This tour, this line-up, eclectic in sonics but all bands believe in sharing empathy over apathy, optimism over cynicism. The goal is to bring people from all walks of Life Life
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through the door. Introducing them to new people, new friendships, new ideas.

Silverstein Silverstein
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 a band we have done countless Warped Tours with... have been comrades in arms for years (hell, Chris #2 and Paul Marc play ice hockey together). They’re a powerful band, we’ve shared stages all over the world, but this will be our first club tour together.

Cancer Bats Cancer Bats
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 some of our oldest friends... we’ve toured together in Canada, the US, played shows in the UK, but finally get to trek across Europe together. Their newest album is a perfect representation of their ability to connect with people in the hardcore, metal and punk rock world. They are a band made up from kids forged in those scenes.

Worriers Worriers
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some of our newest friends! This band being a part of the tour is an incredible honor. The members of Worriers Worriers
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are some of the most committed people in punk rock, their work and time should be applauded. Survival Pop is one of our favorite records in the last few years and we can not wait to hear these songs every night.

As with any Anti-Flag Anti-Flag
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tour, records, bands, and t-shirts are not the predications of our work. Amnesty International, Sea Shepherd, Kein Boch Auf Nazis, (and hopefully many other local organizations) will be involved. Disseminating ideas on how to fight fascism, fight for human rights and fight for the Life Life
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of our planet at every show. At a time when we see the right and fascism as a whole on the rise, racism being emboldened, and hatred commonplace in public discourse... these shows will hopefully provide solace, a place for us all to come together and recognize our power, recharge our strength and continue to fight bigotry with every breath we take.

'These are the days that test your heart and soul. Strap yourself in for the American Fall.'"

Anti-Flag have been staples in the punk rock scene since they formed in 1993. The band is well known for its left-wing political views, focusing on anti-war activism, imperialism, class struggle, human rights, and various sociopolitical sentiments. Their most recent album American Fall was released in 2017.




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