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Mo. 13.12.2021 Einlass: 19:00 h Beginn: 20:00 h
NESTRUCTION is a nostalgia-driven Instrumental Metal duo from Finland that play Retro Video Game

music in their own style they call Pixel Metal.

The Vision of Nestruction is to let people relive the best memories of their childhood, and to unleash the surprising might of the thunderous 8bit-16bit video game music in arrangements and performances that slash the Modern Metal stages.

Besides carefully crafting the music with passion, Nestruction expresses the atmosphere of the games with self handcrafted 3D environments to tribute classic scenes from the games to be able to play “in the game” in music videos and with other visuals in LIVE shows as well.

Nestruction was formed in 2019 by childhood friends; guitarist Emil Pohjalainen (Winner of the global Yngwie Malmsteen ?s Guitar Gods competition 2016, Amberian Dawn) and keyboardist Otto Närhi (Psychework). The first music video “Cyber Shadow - Chapter 1” was released in June 2021.

“Incredible stuff! You can clearly hear the passion and professionalism. We are very honored by your decision to create this cover that nailed it 100%” Aarne Hunziker, developer

“Awesome cover and outstanding, mind blowing playing! Thanks for taking time to do such an AMAZING job.” Enrique Martin, composer

In their careers, Nestruction guys have toured with bands like Sabaton, Epica, Symphony X, Nevermore, Delain, Wintersun etc, performed LIVE in Finnish radio to 80 000 people and have done video productions that have been run on national television for years.

Emil:?“We are freaking nerds and there is no way around that. We miss the 80 ?s and the 90 ?s. I love playing metal music, but Nestruction is something I was actually born to do. When you realize you ?re old, you just have to fulfill your life ?s mission while you still have a little life bar left. Nestruction has been our dream for a long time, now it is time to make it a reality! When you ?re such a geek, it ?s better to just take your nerdiness to the levels where you can actually make something EPIC out of it! :P And hopefully be able to share it with like-minded people!”

Otto:?“Yes I guess we are pretty nerds yes.”




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