Lebrock (UK)

LEBROCK invite you to join them on a journey back to the future, mixing epic neon retro soundtracks with the modern Synthwave movement. The perfect marriage of modern digital and analogue Electro-Rock.


LEBROCK are Michael Meadows (Producer/Guitars) and Shaun Phillips (Vocals).


Debut release 'Action & Romance' EP in October 2016, saw Lebrock explode onto the scene but it was follow-up EP ‘ Real Thing’ in 2017 that saw LEBROCK really gain in popularity, reaching #1 across all electronic, synthwave and retrowave charts on bandcamp and #10 most downloaded music on bandcamp across all genres.


Not bad for a self-produced 5 song EP of pulsating retrowave bangers.


The success of ‘ Real Thing’ led to collaborations with other notable artists of the genre and LEBROCK have recently worked on songs with TIMECOP1983 & TOKYO ROSE.


The band have played alongside most of the major players in the Retro / Synthwave scene, which include; CARPENTER BRUT,DANCE WITH THE DEAD,GOST, CHRISTINE, DYNATRON, KALAX, NINA, and TIMECOP1983.




  • NOVA ROCK 2019
  • CLAM ROCK 2019
  • LOVELY DAYS 2019
  • PICTURE ON 2019
  • FM4 FREQUENCY 2019


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