Twilight Force

The foundation for what is now Twilight Force was laid out in 2011 HE, when Felipe and Daniele decided to bring back the golden age of Epic Symphonic Power Metal. They had long sensed a growing and unexplainable absence of new and inspiring work within the musical genre they had once grown to cherish and hold dear. The genre had withered and faded over the years, and the time had eventually come to awaken the dormant musical titan from its slumber. But not without aiming to reshape, elevate and evolve it, even beyond its former glory.

By combining strong melodies with powerful orchestral arrangements, acoustical instruments and fast tempos, they wanted to create an intense and memorable listening experience; immersing the listener in a magical universe filled with wonder, heroic tales and mesmerizing mythical worlds. And to further emphasize this ennobled musical form, they decided to henceforth make their music known as Adventure Metal.

Using their vast experience from previous musical endeavours, their classical training and technical proficiency, Felipe and Daniele began working intensely and meticulously from their professional studio in the heart of the northern woods, the ’Twilight Forge’. The music took shape and grew steadily from the depths of their hearts, and the fundaments of the songs swiftly came into existence. By combining the strenghts of modern and vintage production techniques, and the sounds of ancient instrument craftmanship and virtuosity, they soon had merged these two sonic domains into one entity of great power, ready to send tremors through the musical pillars of the earth.

After searching far and wide for suitable companions to fill up the ranks of Twilight Force, they finally heard tales of Christian Erikssons great mountain-shattering vocal range. Upon hearing the songs, he felt the instant urge to join the quest, and the musical vision of Daniele and Felipe could be realized. Brilliant drummer Roberto (ex-Sabaton, Eclipse, ex-Jeff Scott Soto, Astral Doors(live)) and excelling bass player Borne soon also joined to complete the line-up of what is Twilight Force.



Christian Eriksson – Lead vocals

Felipe – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lute

Borne – Bass

Daniele – Keyboards, Piano, Violin, Cembalo

Roberto – Drums, Percussion




  • NOVA ROCK 2022
  • CLAM ROCK 2022
  • LOVELY DAYS 2022
  • PICTURE ON 2022


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